A Servant of the Lord

We are children loved by our Father. We have His attention at all times. He wants only what is best for us. That does not mean He pampers us or gives us everything we want. As members of the Lord’s family, we are given work to do. We are not only His children we are His servants and have responsibilities.


He is clear about how we are to behave and how we are to go about our work. I have to admit I don’t always find it easy to follow Jesus’ example.  I fall short more often than not. This time of year can be troublesome and challenging for this child.

I would like to say I rarely quarrel with anyone but that’s not quite true. I just have arguments with them at home when I am by myself.

I like to think of myself as kind but too often there are needs that I just don’t see. Then there are those two words after be kind…to everyone. Everyone? That’s what the Word says.

As for teaching, I have little talent for instructing others though I do try to be a good example. But sometimes I fail in that big time.

Then we come to being patient with difficult people. I am fairly patient with them, except when I am not…and that does happen. Maybe I would be more patient if I would remember…I can be difficult and need the patience of others.

This time of year I find myself asking for forgiveness in all the above more often than in other seasons. I wonder why that is? I can rationalize my behavior but the bottom line is being a servant does not come naturally to me and during the Christmas season I am often the difficult one wanting to be served rather than serve.

I am trying not to quarrel, to be kind and teach,
to be patient with difficult people.
It takes time and thought and prayer.

I am thankful that I am loved. I am thankful that I am forgiven.
I am most thankful that there is a Christmas season.

Blessing this day of grace,

John 21:4,9,12 esv


Peter and the disciples had fished all night.  
Jesus was on the shore waiting for them.
He wanted to talk with Peter;
but He knew Peter, and the others, would be hungry.  
Being the servant He is Jesus had breakfast ready for them.
When they finished eating Jesus talked with Peter;
telling Peter to feed His sheep.

Do you see how Jesus takes care of His followers?
How does He serve you when you are spiritually hungry? 

Blessings this day of grace,


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Isaiah 53:11 niv


The servant will not remain in the tomb.
He will live.
He carried the sin of all
and many, but not all, will be found righteous.
Those who deny Him, He will deny.

What does denial of Jesus mean to you?
How were you brought from darkness to the light of life?

Blessings this day of grace,


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Isaiah 53:9 gwt


He was innocent but crucified.
Buried in someone else’s tomb.
Among sinners.

What emotions are stirred within you when you think about this verse?
Sadness, anger, pity, shock, dismay, heart-ache, love, disbelief…?

Blessings this day of grace,



Isaiah 53:5 nlt


We are healed and at peace
because of what was done to Jesus.

Would you willingly take the place of someone else,
someone who denied and disowned you
and be pierced, crushed, and whipped for them?

Blessings this day of grace,


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