Proverbs 31:30 niv


What is thought of as beautiful is often decided by the media.
Usually, people considered beautiful fit a certain mold;
they are very young and thin with shiny hair,
bright white straight teeth and perfect skin.
And they are beautiful, but that young beauty does not last
and it is not the beauty the Lord looks for in our faces.
He looks for the beauty that radiates from our faith and reflects His image.

Who is beautiful in your eyes?
Do they fit the media’s mold for beauty?
What makes them beautiful?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia (2)

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1 Corinthians 15:58 nlt

With a focus on serving others any work we do can be for the Lord.
Whether we work with our hands or with our minds,
 in public work or private enterprise we can offer our labors to the Lord,
Knowing this can change our attitude about work 
changing it from drudgery to joy.

Do you think your work is useless and meaningless?
Today will you do your work as a service to others and for the Lord?
Do you think it will change how you feel about work?

Blessings this day of gracepatricia,

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Psalm 16:8-9 hcs


When we feel vulnerable, unsure of ourselves, and afraid
it is usually because we have forgotten the Lord.
We don’t deliberately forget but in our busyness He slips our mind;
He is somewhere in the shadows of our thoughts.
Whether or not we remember Him He never forgets us and is always with us.

When your world is shaken and you tremble what or who do you go to?
When you go there are you glad and do you rejoice and feel safe?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Psalm 139:1 niv


The Lord knows everything there is to know about us;
there is nothing we can hide from Him.
And still He loves us.

Can you fully grasp that you have no secrets from God and He loves you?
What emotions are stirred when you think about this?

Blessings this day of grace,


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