Deuteronomy 7:6 niv

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Our being part of God’s purpose was not a random act.
 Like the Israelites, God has chosen us.
We are holy, set apart for His service.
We belong to God. We are His beloved.

Even though God knows all about me He still chose me,
made me holy unto Himself, and loves me.
Hard for me to believe but it is true.

Do you understand His choosing of you to be His treasured possession?
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read this?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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Isaiah 42:1 esv


When God says “Behold my servant” He is telling us 
this is someone He wants us to know. 
This is someone important to Him, someone He has chosen, 
someone He supports and sustains who gives Him joy.  
This chosen One, confirmed with God’s Spirit, 
 will deliver justice to all.

Do you sense some excitement here?
When you talk about your faith what do those
who are listening hear in your voice?

Blessings this day of grace,


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My Word For The Year…

For the last several years instead of  New Year’s resolutions I have chosen a word (or verse) from scripture as my word for the year.  During the year I will look up the word in dictionaries and commentaries to learn the different meanings it has.  I will  use it in my meditations and in my prayer time.  Not every day or every week but at least once or twice a month it will be my focus.  Past years I have been quite happy with the word I chose. This year is different–I did not choose the word.

In December I started scanning my bible looking for the word for 2011.  Nothing really stood out…except this one word kept coming to mind.  I do not especially like this particular word so I would shake it loose and keep looking.  Then a verse kept coming up, and of course, it had the word in it. 

I tried really hard to ignore the promptings and find another word.  I chose other words and verses but the Spirit would have none of it.  So, this year, the word and verse were chosen for me.

The verse is Psalm 27:14, the word, wait. 

Wait on the Lord; be of good courage,and He shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say, on the Lord.

 WAIT!  Ugh, I do not like to wait. I get nervous when I have to wait. I worry when I wait, I get angry and impatient. I am not a nice person when made to wait.

Think maybe the word, wait, was chosen  for a reason?

Well, I have done a little word study on three words of this verse; wait, courage, and strengthen. Wait here is not passive; it means  be in readiness, to expect, to watch for, and hope, patiently.  To be of good courage is to seize, to fasten upon, and be established.  Strengthen is to be alert, to fortify, prevail, and increase.

Okay, what have I learned so far?

  1. I am to be in readiness and to watch for and expect the Lord, with patience.
  2. I am to be joined to Him and established in Him.
  3. The Lord will awaken my heart, He will fortify it and make it strong so it will prevail and grow to be like Him.

The Living Bible Paraphrased says it this way,

Don’t be impatient. Wait for the Lord, and He will come and save you! Be brave, stouthearted and courageous. Yes, wait and He will help you.

Still that word wait!

I wonder why, just when I am feeling calm and settled, this word?

I do not wonder if He has a sense of humor!