Luke 16:10 esv


When we tell a little white lie or listen to gossip,
accept too much change from a cashier or give less than what
we promised so we can buy something we want for ourselves;
we are not only dishonest we are being unfaithful.
The Lord asks us to be honest and faithful in the little things
so He can trust us with the big things He has promised us.

What are the little things you do or don’t do, that seem of no consequence to you?

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Luke 24:6-7 nlt


We too need to remember what He said.
And we need to remember His words are always the truth.
If He says it will happen it will happen.

Do you sometimes need to be reminded of what He said?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia (2)

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Luke 23:34 niv


They knew they were killing a man, Jesus,
but they didn’t know the whole story.
We know the whole story and still
we nail Him to the cross.
And He forgives us.

Have you thought of your sins as being nails hammered into Jesus?
Does this make a difference in the way you think of your sins?

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Luke 15:2 niv


Jesus has an open door policy.
He is an equal opportunity Lord.
He welcomes one and all to join Him at the table.
The sinners Jesus welcomes have a choice,
they can stay and be saved or leave and be lost.

Have you visited Jesus at His open house?

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Luke 2:20 gw


The shepherds didn’t seek to become celebrities for what they saw.
It seems that though they were given a wonderful gift they remained humble men.
They went back to their flock praising God and giving Him the glory.
I would love to have sat around their fire and hear them tell the story.
This is something I look forward to when I meet them.

Do you think about the people you may meet in eternity?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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