2018 Word, Forgive

Every year I am given a word of the year. I say given because I don’t look for the word it just seems to find me.  In November while talking with Jesus he reminded me of the verse;

Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
Col 3:13b niv

Really? Forgive is to be the word in 2018?

I questioned this because I think I am a fairly forgiving person. Oh, I know I fall short when it comes to being forgiving. But I pretty much have put past offenses behind me and when I feel I have been offended or hurt now I try to put it to rest and simply move on. Look at those last two sentences and notice the words; pretty much, fairly, try. You can see that I haven’t mastered forgiveness. I am still an apprentice.

I looked up the word forgive and here’s what I learned:

  • to forgive is to grant pardon, absolve, free
  • cancel, cease to blame or feel resentment
  • to give wholly without reservation
  • to give up resentment or claim to requital on account of offense or wrong

I have some work to do!

Soon after I was given the word forgive I wrote this on my other blog, Patricia’s Place.

The sharp fragmented pieces wildly scattered about
have gathered as soft feathers to fill this soul
preparing it to soar in the heavens.

Then I decided I wanted my word of the year to be soar!lion-1657960_640

Well, that is not to be because in my next chat with Jesus I told Him my word was going to be soar. Yes, I can be a brat even to the Lord.  I think He was laughing when He replied, “You cannot soar on wings like eagles when you are burdened with unforgiveness.”

So, forgive is my word in 2018.

Do you have a word of the year? If you do please share it in the comments.

Blessings this day of grace,

4 thoughts on “2018 Word, Forgive

  1. I do not have a specific word for this year, but I think forgiveness is a very powerful choice. It frees us from the burden of resentment. Just when I think I have forgiven everyone for past perceived wrongs, something pops up and I discover a spot of bitterness in my heart. Then I realize I have more work… and especially more praying…. to do about that. Where I can I make ammends. I have learned how wonderful it feels to forgive and let go.

    • I know what you mean about thinking forgiveness is a one-time thing. I have learned that sometimes it takes time to fully forgive so the memory of the hurt is but a shadow. For me, the letting go is often a slow process and much prayer is needed.

  2. Forgive was my word a couple of years ago. I still work at it, but I do believe I have learned. I make an effort to right wrongs. I let go of hurts. I am so very human.

    My word is “hope”. I will be posting the reason. It was given to me.

    HUGS, Patricia. You are loved. ❤

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