Respect and Authority

There are times when I look around and wonder what people are thinking. When did people begin to think they can do whatever they want? When did they begin to  think they do not have to answer to anyone?  When did etiquette and common courtesy become something to be ignored? When did authority become a thing of no value to be ridiculed?

These questions have been twirling around in my head for a while. At first, it seemed that these thoughts and actions are new to society, but are they?  Probably not. Then I thought that these behaviors seem more prevalent because we now have access to news media from around the world 24/7, but is that true? Maybe to some extent. When I gave all the chess-404841_640questions serious consideration I came to the conclusion people haven’t changed much since the beginning of time. No one in the past wanted to have someone over them who tells them what to do and how to live, In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever was right in their own eyes. (Judges 17:6) and it’s the same today. Everyone wants to be king and queen. Being common folk is not what anyone wants for themselves. And I admit I often have a bad attitude when it comes to authority and having to answer to someone else. But what does Jesus have to say to me about this?

Respect everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters.
Fear God, and respect the king.

It isn’t always easy to respect authority but there are reasons “kings” are put where they are whether they are good or bad.  When Jesus was before Pilate, Pilate asked Him if He didn’t realize that he had power over Him? Jesus said,“You would have no power over me at all unless it were given to you from above.” (John 19:10-11)  Do I understand? Not really but I am trying.

Blessing this day of grace,


3 thoughts on “Respect and Authority

  1. It is a bit contradictory to say Love God and respect the king and Jesus saying you have no power over me unless it’s given from above. I lean towards Jesus rather than st. Peter to respect the king. Cordial is more like it. Respect can be a given yet it’s a two way street. But then again, who goes first?

  2. I agree with you that media heightens our awareness of godlessness. I am often dumbfounded at the prevalent concept that “anything goes” and if you disagree you are unenlightened. With each person doing exactly as they please, and taking no responsibility for their actions or the effect they have on others, we have a lawless society that respects and cares for no one and fails to recognize any kind of authority much less the Supreme Authority. Rules and rulers were created for a reason, we don’t have to agree with them, we can work to change them, but without order there is chaos. I fear for a generation that believes they must answer to no one!

    • I have been reading reports of fights in schools and on school buses here. Not only are kids fighting with each other they are punching, scratching and biting the adults that are trying to stop the fight. There is no self-restraint. The future is going to be very violent if self-control and respect aren’t established. Maybe it is a good thing I am old.

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