Psalm 121:8 nlt

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Remember this when you think no one cares about you
and that you are alone and worthless.    
The Lord keeps His eye on you.    
He knows about all your days and nights.   
There is never a time He doesn’t know where you are.
You are that important to Him

Are there places you go you rather God didn’t know about?
Why do you go there?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

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2 thoughts on “Psalm 121:8 nlt

  1. Your meditations are always so meaningful, Patricia. Simple into the point, and I always find my head nodding in agreement. I loved your closing thoughts on this one. If we aren’t comfortable about the places we go for the things we do and God knowing it, that should be a pretty good indicator that we are in making the wrong choices!

    • Josie, I am happy you like the thoughts I post here. The Spirit is at work and I am blessed to have this little ministry. You are right about our comfort zones. I am learning to think about where I am going before I start out.

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