Psalm 62:1 hcs


When we rest in a place of our own making we may feel calm, and at ease.
There may be extended periods when we are relaxed and happily resting quietly.
But, one day, the stress, busyness, concerns, and noise of daily life will intrude.
Then daily life takes over and we lose all we gained from our quiet respite.

When we rest in God we know the quiet lasting peace only He has to give.
In His rest we are given relief from all that wearies us.  
True restorative rest is found only in God..

I think resting in God is the ultimate of naps.

Are you relying on yourself to find lasting uninterrupted rest?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

Image: pixabay

2 thoughts on “Psalm 62:1 hcs

  1. I often find that I am relying on myself. No wonder I need a nap around four o’clock!

    Of course, you may reblog this…or any post here. Makes me smile to know you want to.

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