Psalm 34:14 kjv


Read this verse carefully and think about what it says about peace.
This verse does not say depart from evil and do good and you will have peace.
The verbs used with peace are; seek and pursue.   
When we depart from evil and do good peace doesn’t just suddenly appear.  
Yes, we do have, within us, the peace Jesus gives to us.
However, in this world we know unrest and conflict and have to look for peace.
We must search for peace, work for it, run after it with persistence.

Have you thought about the kinds of peace we experience?
Do you think the peace Jesus gives us
is separate or different from the peace we are to seek and pursue?

Blessings this day of grace,


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5 thoughts on “Psalm 34:14 kjv

    • This was so interesting to me, Debbie. I don’t know how many times I have read this Psalm over the years and I never noticed the part about seeking and pursuing peace. We hear so much about the peace we have as disciples that it seems like it is a sin not to be enveloped in peace. But this kind of peace is not a given, it’s there but it can be elusive.

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