Jeremiah 33:3 niv

treeGod was speaking to Jeremiah here,
but He is also speaking to us.
Often life is a mystery and it seems there no explanation.
Read the verse…God is straightforward here.
Call to Him and He will answer you.

What mystery have you asked God to help you solve?
Do you believe God will answer you?

Blessings this day of grace,


6 thoughts on “Jeremiah 33:3 niv

  1. He listens, and answers, the most mundane of my concerns. I admit I am lonely, or depressed, or bored, and ask Him to help. Invariably, He does: a friend calls, my mood lifts, I get something interesting to do. Always!

  2. I really like how you present this, Patricia. Sometimes I forget to ask and call to Him, and just silently struggle . . .and He will reveal something to help me understand and move forward better. Thank you for doing these posts!

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