John 8:32 hcs


The only truth that will set us free is the truth of Jesus’.
When we believe His word and follow Him faithfully
we will know the truth and be free from the chains of sin.

Sometimes it is difficult to be faithful…obedient to the Word.
It may be that we haven’t been taught the truth; 
and when we do know His teachings we may not understand
and be tempted to follow our own path. 
That is when we learn to live by faith and not by sight and remain faithful.  
There are many excuses for not being faithful but no good reasons.

How do you remain faithful?
What are your excuses when you wander from His teachings?

Blessings this day of grace,


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4 thoughts on “John 8:32 hcs

    • It does hurt sometimes. I think that is because we fight the wrong battles wanting our personal truth to be God’s rather than His truth being ours. We all want to be independent when in reality we are only as independent as our dependence in God allows.

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