1 Peter 3:11 nlt


If we want peace in our lives, and in the world,
we must turn away from evil for there is no peace in evil.
We are not to simply reject evil but to do good in its place.

Peace may not always be easy to find.
Sometimes we have to look for it.
When we find it we will have to work to keep it.

Do you think peace implies a relief from work?
Is peace worth the effort it takes to find it and keep it?
How do you find and keep peace in your life?

Blessings this day of grace,


Photo: Liz West

4 thoughts on “1 Peter 3:11 nlt

  1. Sorry I missed this comment, Seeker. Yes, peace is first then work to keep it moving in our hearts and around the world. I think peace is often hard to maintain and takes conscious effort to see it accomplished.

  2. For me, peace is the opposite of trying: It is allowing God to do the work, instead of attempting to please Him with my own work. It is not laziness, but choosing to do only what He asks of me. When I manage this, peace is the result.

    • Dimple, I just realized I missed this comment. What you say here is true…we please Him by doing the work He has prepared for us. We do have peace when we do this. Yet, I think there is work to do to maintain peace be it personal or between nations and people groups. Thanks for adding your insights helping me to learn and grow.

  3. Peace on Earth. Work is at the bottom of the list. For God and mankind, Peace is essential. Faith, Hope an Charity is what I strive for to be person of peace. Your turn.

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