Matthew 5:10 esv


To be persecuted often means to be imprisoned or tortured for your beliefs, but not always.
Those who are harassed, teased, oppressed, or ill-treated in some way
because they are faithful and true to what they believe are being persecuted.

Those who stand firm and resolute in their beliefs without looking for vengeance or reprisal
make known to their persecutors that they have a higher calling.
They are children of God and the kingdom of heaven is theirs to claim.

Have you experienced persecution?
How do you respond when mistreated because of your faith?

Blessings this day of grace,



2 thoughts on “Matthew 5:10 esv

  1. Persecution is a part of life with or without religion. The most common one is harassment and bullying. For as long as my moral values and ethics is in-lined with Jesus teaching, the cross I bear is lighter with His help. Thank you for the meditation. God night.

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