Matthew 5:8 esv


Our heart is the center of our understanding.
It is where our words and actions have their beginnings.
Of ourselves we cannot have pure hearts.   
Those who love God have their imperfect hearts made pure by His grace.

With pure hearts we see God, today, in His creation and in prayer and worship.
One day we will see Him in fullness and light and glory.

Do you protect the purity of your heart?
How do you keep your heart pure?

Blessings this day of grace,


Photo: Liz West


4 thoughts on “Matthew 5:8 esv

  1. Contemplation on the Psalms, recently #119. Intentionally turning our mind (will and emotions) towards our Father so to be pleasing to Him in light of His revelation to us. We may tell ourselves we are pure by our actions or words, but it is His Kingdom and His Righteousness that we exalt in by faith through our great God and Savior Jesus the Christ. Thanks Patricia for a wonderful pic and challenge to examine ourselves. — your brother gregory

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