Psalm 27:7 niv


There are times when it seems the Lord does not hear us when we pray.
Sometimes we just don’t hear Him or don’t recognize the answers,
and other times we don’t like what we hear or the answer.

The truth is He always hears our voices;
He is always merciful and always answers with what is best for His Kingdom.

Why is it easy to listen to what you want to hear
and hard to listen to what you don’t want to hear?

Is it because you don’t trust God or perhaps because you are a stubborn child?

Blessings this day of grace,



2 thoughts on “Psalm 27:7 niv

  1. I listen, a lot. It is more often that I don’t like what I hear. Most of the time, I listen to what is not being said. I have deep faith and trust in God and I don’t want to lose that because of what others are saying. Thank you for tonight’s meditation.

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