Proverbs 13:20 msg


People tend to become like those with whom they spend the most time.
Wise companions will share their wisdom with you and lift you up.
Fools have only foolishness to share and will drag you down.

What are your friends like?
Do they lift you up or drag you down?
What kind of friend are you?

Blessings this day of grace,


6 thoughts on “Proverbs 13:20 msg

  1. Hi Patricia. I agree with your words. I’ve seen that friends aren’t the only ones who hide behind or accept foolish beliefs and behaviors. One’s family can pass on foolishness as well as strangers. Once we learn God’s truths we have a choice to continue to receive from the wise or hold onto the foolishness that was learned and accepted. I’m choosing and practicing from the wise. This isn’t always easy when I’m doing my best to break free from the foolish behaviors and beliefs from family and some friends. Many times I feel alone. I understand I’m never alone and all I have to do is turn to God, which I’m determined to practice and not give up. I’m grateful for the person whose helped me see my foolish behavior and beliefs because I choose to hang with the wise!

    • Often the choices are hard and sometimes hurt but you are wise in knowing that God is with you at all times and will help you with the hard choices.

      It is especially hard when moving from the foolish to the wise when family and long time friends are involved. But, again, God will see you through. And who knows, your wisdom may break the foolishness of someone you love.

      Praying for the Spirit to protect and strengthen you as you walk in wisdom.

  2. Hi Patricia, Thinking about this in relation to Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa how they spent with the sinners and the poor, they did not become like one of them. I too spend time with the sinner and poor, however, I do not feel I become like them. I am more comfortable with them rather with the so called “socialites and great thinkers”. I’m sorry.

    • Wisdom is not limited to the “socialites and great thinkers”. I believe this passage is not speaking of the worldly wise but those with wisdom of the Spirit. This wisdom can be found in many unlikely people including the poorest of the poor and little children. It is a gift of the Spirit.

      There is nothing to be sorry about, Seeker. We are all on this journey and learn from each other’s insights and wisdom. I am blessed by your comments, always.

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